We organized the Classic Car Tour after some Road Rally entrants repeatedly failed to complete the course. We realized that not everyone wanted to compete in the Road Rally, and that some classic car owners just wanted to take their cars out for the day and have a nice drive in the company of other like minded enthusiasts. If that describes you, welcome to the Tour!

The Tour is open to any motor vehicle built before 12-31-1959. Even Motorcycles are welcome! In the past we have planned a different route and activities for our "tourists". This year again we are sending you on the same route as the rally entrants.

We labor over creating an enjoyable route each year, including little known roads, beautiful vistas, and historic sites. The tour begins with a loop around the 1949 race circuit and proceeds to loop around the Hamptons. Participants will receive a tour bag (complete with route book and other necessary information) and a box lunch prior to departure. Once on their way cars can either drive as a group, or go on their own. The tour should take between three and four hours, depending on how much time is spent at the historic sites. Once all participants have made their way back to the Historical Society, the awards ceremony can begin, and stories can be shared about the days adventures