The Bellanger Cup - Our Winners!

In 2000 we asked a longtime supporter and friend of the Road Rally, Serge Bellanger to endow a permenant record of the winners of our event. The Bellanger Cup is the product of his support. Each year the winners of the event are added to the trophy. The list below is slightly more detailed!

1993 Olive Watson Donald Coleman Dan Rowen
1994 Jim Shelly & Steven Cohen Olive Watson Dan Rowen & Ali Lugo
1995 Frank Filangeri & Sean O'Malley Dan Rowen & Coco Myers Jim Shelly & Steven Cohen
1996 Dan Rowen & Coco Myers Serge & Danielle Bellanger Frank Filangeri & Sean O'Malley
1997 Dan Rowen & Coco Myers Jimmy Goren & Gil Rosselini Serge & Danielle Bellanger
1998 Jim Shelly & Steven Cohen Dan Rowen & Coco Myers Tom & Laura Rossiter
1999 Serge & Danielle Bellanger Dan Rowen & Coco Myers Richard Lisman & Clive Doyle
2000 Tom & Laura Rossiter Richard Lisman & Clive Doyle John Hertog & John Doyle
2001 Ed Boyd & Helen Rosenblum Richard Lisman & Clive Doyle Dan Rowen & Coco Myers
2002 Richard Weintraub & Steven Cohen Dan Rowen & Coco Myers Robert Strada & Mike Kochanasz
2003 John Hertog & John Doyle Jeffery Vogel & John Gannon Alain Baume & Andrew Pipa
2004 Richard Weintraub and Gerard Jeffrey John Hertog and John Doyle Alain Baume & Andrew Pipa
2005 Alain Baume and Andrew Pipa Andrew Mazzio and Terry Flanagan
John Stacks and Henry Satterwhaite
Richard Weintraub and Gerard Jeffrey
2006 Richard Weintraub and Gerard Jeffrey Alain Baume and Jack Libraire James Thorpe and Steven Jury

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